Guillotine – Closure
Designed Special For
The Kennel Operator

Dog door guillotine closure features

Keeps a pet from entering or leaving. Also, useful for extreme weather situations.
(Add a cable and pulleys to operate without entering the kennel run.)


  • Fits on any surface
  • 3/8" Polypropylene slide
  • Four extruded aluminum channels
  • NOTE: Pulleys and cable not included.
  • Made in the USA

Use the dog door Guillotine Closure on a door, shed, garage wall, etc.

Guillotine Closure
$40 plus S&H
• Fits behind the
Heavy Duty Dog Door® and
the Easy Dog Door®

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Big Dog
Guillotine Closure
$50 plus S&H
• Fits behind the
Big Dog Door™ and the
Easy Big Dog Door™

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