Water in the Field
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Carl H. Altenbernd

It is not uncommon for my wife and I to walk for three to four miles on a sharptail hunt in 70- to 80-degree early season weather and find ourselves getting weak because of dehydration. You, your hunting partners and dog need water.

We are not into solid waste recycling yet in our part of the country, but we do take advantage of the plastic pop containers we throw away by using them as our canteens. Photos one and two illustrate two ways in which I use plastic pop containers in the field. The 16 oz. plastic containers fit well in a game bag and I find they will not leak even if they are abused. Some of my containers are a couple of years old and still work fine. You can also use the large 64 oz. pop containers as ice blocks for your cooler. They work great because the plastic does not break when refrozen and you have cold drinking water when they start to thaw.

Remember, water during your hunt will allow you, your partner and your dog to have a more enjoyable time in the field and you are also recycling a throw-away.

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