Dog Energy Snacks Key to Canine Stamina

By Carl H. Altenbernd

We have all seen a dog break down because of heat exhaustion or general over work. Those three or four day hunting trips that create such wear and tear on your dogs that they sometimes loose 20% of their body weight. We have read about the problems of giving a dog a midday chocolate snack. The dog usually will not eat his dry food and when he does eat something midday the poor dog suffers loose stool to no end. Have you tried the boiled rice with a meat broth concoction to supplement the dog’s food? It’s a mess and hassle.

Hunters who don't want their dogs to run out of gas on those three-and-four-day hunts should make sure their diet is properly supplemented with something that's high in fat and protein.

As a retriever trainer, die hard hunter, and general researcher I have looked into the different aspects of feeding premium dog food. There is no short cut to feeding a nutritionally sound dog food. A food must not only supply nutritional requirements but also maintain your dog’s health during the hunt or under any stress. So our first priority should be to buy a good sound dog food. Providing proper conditioning should be our second objective to help our dogs through the intense hunting season. Our dogs are in top shape, we are feeding the best food on the market. What else can we do to get him to eat and provide an energy source in the field? I think I have found a product that can help your dog in the field. It’s called Energy Pak, a high-energy powder developed as a special dog food supplement by National Dog Food New Holstein, Wisconsin.

Originally, Energy Pak was researched for sled dog racers as an energy booster for dogs under heavy stress and an economical alternative to meat supplementation. What caught my eye to the product was Energy Pak also serves as a water bait. When added to dog’s drinking water dogs drink more and you minimize the risk of dehydration. Better yet, the product acts as an energy booster. Having used the product for ten plus hunting seasons, I found that the dogs chowed down their food under the most difficult times of stress; drank their water with vigor; and overall had much better drive during those three to four day hunts. Note the product did not cause a loose stool problem. Being the product is in a powder form, it was easy to handle and Energy Pak comes in a reusable plastic lid pail. I found that the 8 lb. Pail has plenty of powder for my five labs for the entire hunting season. Rather than dragging around the pail on short one day huts a fe cups in a one pound coffee an works slick.

Energy Pak works, your dog should like its taste and you should find its use hassle free. For more information, write or call:

Gun Dog Kennels
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